Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 156 & 157 - WE'RE HOME!!!!!

Day 156

Last night we got the worst sleep, there was a child crying most of the night (not Jett), then at 4.50 the nurse wanted to do his obs and woke him! So unnecessary as they only needed to be done once a shift!! So of course when he woke he wanted a feed so first we had to undress him and weigh him. Poor lil Bub was cold and hungry it was awful!

I continued to push for discharge that morning, Jett was weighed twice, before a feed and after. His after feed weigh was 15gms heavier than yesterday's after feed weigh, so it took some negotiation with lactation consultants and dieticians as well as the paediatrician but they agreed to discharge us and just h ave me bring him in for weighs. It was awful having my son treated like he's sick again, and having us analysed. I had questions about my milk supply, which was fine until I started stressing!!! Even after they agreed to discharge though they first wanted to have his oxygen saturation monitored overnight, just to rule out his chronic lung disease as a problem slowing his weight gain. It was frustrating, but the registrar was willing to compromise so we went home agreeing to come back and stay overnight to have his oxygen monitored.

So home we went :), it was an amazing feeling, loading my son into his car seat and driving him home. I came home and sat on my lounge with him and relaxed for a few hours.. We had to be back at the hospital by 8. It was hard to go back, but I knew it would be my last night. So we got back and they put his pulse oximeter on and of course his sats were 100% Lol.. I knew they'd be fine. I was pissed off going back when we could have stayed at home. It was a frustrating night I just wanted the next day to come..

Day 157 - DISCHARGE!!!!!

After another awful nights sleep, I was sleeping upright most of the night because the nurse was strict on not letting us co sleep. I wound my bed up and held him, so if she popped her head in it looked like I was feeding! Jett just didn't want to sleep in his cot. He shouldn't sleep alone if he doesn't want, he has had too much of that. It's time to be with his Mummy whenever he want!!

At about 8am I started on my rampage again, pushing for discharge. The Dr that saw us this morning was actually normal. Not sure if he was a paediatrician or a reg, but he saw clearly that we didn't need to be there and we were out the door soon after :D I have to take Jett to get weighed on Monday and Tuesday then if he hasn't gained weight we'll see the dietician. We also have his audiologist appointment Tuesday too, so first week home will still be busy!

Leaving the hospital...... Aaaaah, freedom. What more can I say. Being at our local hospital was hell. They treated Jett like he was sick and treated me like I had no clue what I was doing. It was actually quite awful and even after we got out of there I was quite stressed. I'm worried about my milk supply so I am back to pumping as well as feeding. The LC (Lactation consultant) wants me to pump after EVERY feed. It's just impossible, so I am aiming for 4 or 5 a day. Jett is a booby monster, so hopefully the milk I lost with all the stress will come back soon..

So we came home and friends helped me unpack. I have recently moved house and although friends had helped me by doing most of the work before we came home, there was still a bit to do. Most of it is done now though, thanks to my wonderful friends. The main thing I did was set up Taite and Seth's cabinet :) I don't have their ashes anymore, but I still have 'Their Space' Taite and Seth know their place in my home and my heart

I am so happy tonight, some of the stress has gone, but I think it will take a few days to sink in. I've always wanted to be a Mummy, I have waited a long time for this. What a journey. 12 days in ICN with Taite and Seth was just the beginning of my journey and finally this chapter is closing. I got what I wanted. After struggling to fall pregnant,losing my twins then spending 138 days in Intensive Car Nursery, 16 days in Special Care then 3 days in the paediatric ward in my local hospital with Jett I am now happy.


Now, another chapter begins as I start life as a very proud Mama to my very much wanted and much loved son :)...

Jett truly is a miracle. He has come home with no known long term affects and the only medication he is on is pentavite..


  1. I am so glad there is a happy ending to your story. I have been following your blog for quite a while now and am so happy for you. All the best for the rewarding future you have as mummy to Jett he is a very special little boy and so loved.

  2. Abby, I am so happy to hear this, and so glad that you can be home together, you have waited so long. Enjoy being a Mummy, the best thing EVER!
    Wishing you all the very best.
    Kirsten xxx

  3. So so happy for you!!! Makes me cry happy tears you are finally home with your little man! :) Sorry you got treated like an idiot in the local hospital, but don't you love proving them wrong haha!

  4. Oh Abby, so many congratulations for you darling Jett. I have tears in my eyes, this is truly a wonderful post to read. You and your little man made it!! Enjoy your special time together and being a mum without people watching over you. Much love.