Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 154 & 155 - 5 months old!!!!

Day 154 Wednesday! - Transfer to local hospital

Sooo, today Jett had his first breath of fresh air, if only for a second! We were back transferred to our local hospital :) Jett had his first ride in a capsule. He slept the whole time which was lucky because it would have been a stressful trip otherwise!

I had been waiting for transfer since Monday, but things kept delaying it. I thought it was never going to happen, but it did!! Before we left Jett had photo's with the nurses and Dr D.. I cried when I left. Mixed emotions, relief but I was nervous too.. New hospital, new policies and procedures, new nurses. RBWH has been our home for the last 5 months. I've made some great friends that I will miss. I got Jett's discharge summary. 5 months condensed into 6 pages.. Some interesting facts: Jett had 10 blood transfusions. 7 courses of anti biotics. It also states his ventilation time in hours!! We are really lucky, the only medication he is on now is Vit K weekly, selenium but that will be ceased Friday and his pentavite. We have his follow up audiologist appointment on the 6th March and his follow up eye appointment sometime in March too. We will continue to see the surgeons in Brisbane in about 4 - 6 wks and also the gastroenterologist. Jett's liver is getting better since he's been off the TPN though, so hopefully that wont be ongoing. We will see a paediatrician locally :)

So we got here about lunch time. We are in the paediatric ward which is great. We have a private room, I have a bed next to his cot and there is more freedom with visitors etc.. NO MORE HORRIBLE WHITE GOWNS!!! :)

I want to get out of here ASAP, but they are cautious because of Jett's weight loss. So annoying because it's only from going off TPN and starting full breastfeeds. They weighed him when we got here and there was a difference of 80gms. I don't believe for a second that he lost 80gms in 1 day! The registrar was overreacting a little bit talking about how we need to find the cause of his weight loss and how he needs to see a steady gain before we go. I was thinking we would never get out! At least I can stay with him :)

Day 155

Well today I spoke to a Senior registrar that had some sense. They started making a plan for discharge. They had a lactation consultant come to check Jett was feeding well and tomorrow they are going to weigh him before then after a feed to try and gauge how much milk he is getting. If they feel he's not getting enough they may look at top ups or getting the dietician involved to add some calories to his diet. Either way, discharge is soon :)I have agreed to bring Bub in for weighs whenever they want. I just want to go home!!!

This afternoon was really special.. I put Jett in a wrap sling and took him outside!! It was the first time he'd been outside apart from the quick few seconds during the transfer yesterday. It was so nice. I sat out on a chair and he had a lovely breastfeed :) I put him in the sling again tonight and he loved it. He fell asleep every time. Jett is also smiling more now.. Proper smiles, it's not just a facial :) I love to see my boy smile. He's so gorgeous!!!!

I have had some friends visit. It's nice to not have such strict rules and be watched constantly.. I barely see the nurses here, I do everything for Jett, they just pop their head in a couple of times a shift to do his temperature and ask about feeds and nappies. It's good. I have a telly in here, it's nice to have my son next to me while I chill out on the laptop or watching my soapies :) Jett was in bed with me last night :). It was beautiful.. I love co sleeping, but it will be so much better in my bed!

Being such a hands on Mum makes me think of what I missed out on with the twins. I think now I am not stressed about Jett I have room for some of the grief to set in again. I'm a mother of 3, not 1. To get to the ambulance yesterday when we were leaving the hospital we had to go past the morgue. I asked the nurse if that's where the funeral directors pick up the dead bodies up to transport them. She said Yes.. It's strange to think that Taite and Seth also left that hospital through those very same doors.. How different it is this time.. I am so lucky to be taking my baby home this time. A few weeks ago, I had no idea if I would or not.. Now, it's almost here :)

Well that was a long post! So much to catch up on. I'm sure I have forgotten stuff but that's all for now.. This blog will be finishing very soon :)Remember though, you can add Jett on facebook, search for Jett babybutton or and you should find him. Remember to include a message to say who you are or you wont be accepted :)

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