Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 152 & 153 - Smiles :)

The last 2 days have seemed to drag, nothing particular has been happening but last night I was very upset. I have been eating here at the hospital and last night I had a meat pie. About half and hour after that I felt faint and didn't feel right. I got the nurse to take Jett off me and I went into MACU (which is where I'm staying in the hospital) I layed down for a bit then went back to jett. When I got in there I was hot and cold and had to leave again. I ended up vomiting which meant I couldn't go back into the nursery :( I ended up getting a room at Ronald Mac house for the night and Jett had to be tube fed overnight. It was so awful not being able to see him. I felt ok after I vomited so I knew it was the food, but had to stay away regardless. It was the first time I have spent that long away from Jett since he was born. It was awful, I knew he'd be crying and wondering where I was.. I had a sleep and woke up at 2am which is normally when i feed him. I soent most of the night in tears and missing my baby so much.. When I got up in the morning I rang the nursery. I was told I had to stay away for 24 - 48 hours. Anyway, I called the CNC in the morning and explained that I had no more vomiting, no other symptom and that I was sure it was the food. So after some discussion with Jett's Dr I was allowed in THANK GOD!!! As soon as I went in he fed like he'd never been fed. I had missed hi so much I gave him millions of cuddles and kisses :) I was even rewarded with a smile. He is so cute he does a half smile and looks away as if he's shy.. He's only done it a few times, I can't wait til he gets a big grin.. I'm sure it wont be long now..

Today Jett had his bath and weigh. He now weighs 4628, so he only lost 20gms which is good. Hopefully he will start putting on weight again :)He loves his bath, but prefers being on his tummy. If I put him on his back he tries to roll over, so he spends most of the time on his tummy. I let water drip over his face today and he liked it. I think I have a water baby :) Can't wait til next summer!

Jett had bloods done yesterday, he doesn't even flinch when they do a venous stab, he's so brave. His coagulation factors in his blood are good and his solenium (trace element in blood) is on the low side of normal so he will only have a few more days of that and that should be ceased. His vitamin levels weren't back yet.That's about all that's been happening, Jett has been touring ICN in his pram getting loads of attention from the nurses. They all love him and can't believe how good he looks. He is still a bit jaundiced but it's slowly disappearing. Jett is 5 months old tomorrow! I can't believe it!

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  1. Hi Abby,

    I keep trying to comment but I've only just worked out how to sign in properly on my iPhone! I've been reading your blog for months and have been eagerly following your beautiful big boy's progress!

    I'm so happy for you that he's been so strong and beaten the odds. Your mama love shines through in every post and he's so lucky to have you!

    I have been looking for your Facebook page but can't find it. Are you able to provide a link? I'd love to keep in the loop on his progress after you finish writing here.

    Love lots,
    Katie (mum to Ben 4, Charlie 2 and Annabel 4 months)