Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 150 & 151 - 1st outing..

Yesterday Jett had his first outing.. Well, in the pram that is lol.. I took him in the pram around to ICN where we lived for so long! He didn't mind the pram, but he was a lot happier when the nurses took him out for cuddles. We got lots of pictures with the nurses and talked about back in the day Lol.. Jett is such a miracle. We were standing outside the room he had his first operation in and remembered the terrible news that was given. Both nurses were there that day. They said they remember so clearly how grim it looked for Jett. They themselves simply can't believe how far he has come :) I can't believe it's real.. I'm taking my baby home.. Soon :)

Today Jett had his weigh and he has lost more weight. 80gms in fact. Dr D said not to be concerned though just yet. I am just worried that we wont be able to go home until he shows steady weight gains.. Only time will tell.

Jett had his second hearing test today and failed :( In both ears.. Last test he failed the right but passed the left so it was a bit of a surprise. Anyway now we will see an audiologist in about 2 weeks so he can have further testing. I'm trying not to worry..

Jett is still feeding beautifully and is just the love of my life!! Can't wait to have him home!!!

If you would like to see some pictures of Jett, become facebook friends with him! To request his friendship search for: Jett Babybutton. Please include a message of who you are and how you came across this blog, all requests must have a profile picture and a message or they wont be accepted :)


  1. I tried to search for him but it didn't come up at all :(

    So glad to read that he is doing so well and will be home soon!

    Anna x

  2. I also tried to search for him and he didn't show up! It has been really exciting hearing how well he has been doing. I have been following your story via BB and here since he was born and would love to hear how he is progressing.
    Fiona x

  3. Ok, I checked and it says everyone can search for Jett by profile or contact name..?? Try now, if not I'll have to have a play later, it might take a day or 2 though..

  4. I've just tried searching for Jett too and he hasn't come up :( I will try again tomorrow.

    With his hearing, when you see the audiologist ask them to do a full ABR. It will provide a MUCH better picture than the quick screening they do. Try not to worry too much it might simply be a case of too much fluid in his ears and he may need grommets. That was the case for my son and his hearing is perfect now he has grommets in.

    Thinking of you & Jett.

  5. I agree about getting a full ABR done, even though this may require a GA. I was told my son was severely deaf in both ears following sepsis as a newborn, when in fact it was just glue ear. Insert the grommets and he can hear perfectly. But even if that is not the outcome you get then you known for certain what level his hearing is at and can move on from there.

    Any questions about hearing tests/deafness in kids ask me on bellybelly (this is Traveller). My son was 5 months when he was diagnosed and had hearing aids for almost a year before he got his grommets so I have been through every test imaginable with him.

  6. HI Abby- I too still couldn't find him on the search, but I have a friend who is your facebook friend so have sent you a message on facebook. Hope this is ok (I am also a belly girl)